Monday, April 30, 2012

Welcome Back !!!

Bird Nest @ lamp
Baby bird and mother in their nest

This blog is related to the my earlier blog "Good Bye!!!". Do you know what? The known two guests came again[actually this is the third time] to visit us.It's not only for visiting us,but to deliver and introduce a new baby mate.

One of parent bird
Finally we were able to find the name of these two special guests.They are called as 'Large-Billed Leaf-Warbler'.As they came to visit us to find a suitable home for them and since our home have more than one wall lamps,they selected the continuous third wall lamp to create their new nest.

First attempt of baby bird from the nest to fan :)
Today is the final day of them stayed with us.Until now around 1 month they stayed with us.Today is the big day.In other words today is the day baby bird tried his first fly.

Feed the baby-[parent birds and baby bird]
Actually me and my mother also gave a hand of support to the little baby to find the correct way to fly and parent birds watch how we were supporting little baby as they were understood we are in their side.And  now..all three of them have been gone. The only wish which have had on my mind is "Good Bye friends.Have a safe journey and come back again." :) 

After feed the baby bird

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