Sunday, April 29, 2012

Training on Effective Team-working

The great experience,which I got through the two days[26th &27th April 2012] Outbound Training done with Wild-Drift inspired me to write this blog.

This training was organized from our company [WSO2] and all the employees supposed to go through it.Before involve in the training I was under the impression that this is an adventurous program.Hence had a feeling of bit scared.
But once I undergo through the training I realized this is not for adventure purposes.It's all about improving our selves  and how we can improve our selves on  team-working and how we can contribute effectively on the company goal.

We have had few team activities and from each activity I gained a lot of learning as well the experience.And it's not to forget the fun and joy we have had in each activity as well.Additionally the images which I attached in this blog will prove the great natural scenes that we were able to watch during the time being there.

This blog post is to share and  highlight some key points that I learnt and which will be valuable to you people as  well.

Self aspect

  • We cannot change others.Only what we can do is we have to change.
  • Always give priority for your long term goal than short term goals.
  • Try to think in right to left manner. [Instead of left to right manner].
  • Before doing any of work in your job or day to day life,don't just try to start implement it without having a bit thinking of it.Always question before do some thing.
  • Always try to think out of the box.
  • If you have a dream in your life and  really want to fulfill it,always think where you are now,and where do you want to go.
  • When you fail at a time,don't be depressed but think the reasons for the failure and plan how to avoid it in next time.
  • Don't underestimate your self.Improve your self-confidence.

Team-work aspect
  • Focus on your role and do your responsibilities to maximum.Don't try to disturb/take other team members roles.Just help them when they need a help.
  • Communication and trust on team mates are major important factors of a team work.
  • Always give a room to express ideas among team members.Listen to team mates as golden ideas can be thrown with any instances.
  • If you are the team-lead always share the goals among the team mates.
Note that the above points were came-out as the output of the activities we have done there.I'm really thankful for the organizers of this event since I got such a valuable opportunity to be involved in.Finally I want to say that we really careful of the nature while doing this event and we obey the rule 'not to throw any harmful thing to the nature and not bring anything from there'. 


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