Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jefe Research Papers published + ICter Conference

The two research papers compiled out during our final year project Jefe (The Ultimate Software Development Workflow Managemnt Solution) has been selected for the International Conference on Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions - ICTer2010 held on 29 September 2010 to 1 October 2010 .It's really happy that we could able to successfully published both papers.yepeeeeeeee............

The better part of this was we had to present our two research papers to the ICTer Conference audience.One was done by me.It was rather a funny experience with race conditions how I came to Cinamon Lakeside hotel to do it on time.
But during the presentation,it was a GREAT experience to present our research work to a well experienced IT audience for the first time in my life as a new comer to the IT industry.

So thank you my team members for doing the project work as a team and giving me this great opportunity and then thank you our dearest supervisors Shahani Madam and Sulochana madam for encouraging us during project work.

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