Saturday, October 9, 2010

First Three Weeks at WSO2

Though leaving the uni life and uni friends and switching to the career life feels very sad ,
I would like to say it was an awesome time period ,I was able to experience during my first three weeks at WSO2.
I started my career from 13th of September 2010.

The first week at WSO2 was full of different experiences including Introduction program,Two-days WSO2 conference,Discussion about products with customers and the fabulous WSO2 birthday party.
The second week began with dividing new comers to teams.I was allocated to GS (Gadget Server)team.
Our team is for developing a web based portal as a dashboard solution to integrate WSO2 back-end products and more as gadgets.

At the first day of WSO2,we were given laptops and the first thing that I was done as a task ,is installing Ubuntu.Since I'm new to Ubuntu environment,I had to get familiarized with friends' support.

Then I started to get the Carbon product to my machine.First I checked out the Carbon product from the trunk and then built it successfully.Though it took couple of days to finish by fixing some build errors.
Since my Product Manager was getting study leave from my second week at WSO2,he gave me a task to do during that time.For that as the initial step, I got familiarized with jQuery,Json,JSP and JavaScript technologies.
During working on this task,I was able to participate some training sessions and get a better idea about OSGI framework,Create OSGI bundles, Importance of OSGI bundles,about Axis2,about WSDL and Web services,Create web services in different ways,etc.

Finally I would say,it's really a great opportunity to start my career from WSO2 and wants to ensure myself as a permanent member of WSO2 family after probation period. :)

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