Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Good Bye 2013 !!!

 It was really a one of best year which I was able to bring my life a step ahead.There were times very challenging,cheerful,full of happiness and even with bit of sad.But still I do really love each and every moment of passed year as I was able to get a lot of  experiences and fulfill some of my life-time dreams,which I never thought I will get a chance.

The most precious opportunity I was got last year is step into my one from both ever dreamed country..FRANCE! :) We were there for around 1.5 weeks and  of course it was an official visit.But once we completed our job successfully,was able to visit my dreamed places as;
Eiffel Tower,Louvre Museum and  more nice places and was able to meet really nice people from there..Merci Beaucoup! for WSO2 to give this chance for me.. 

Then,not to forgot,the most challenging experience of my life ->Survive in a middle of really busy state[San Fransisco] in USA alone for one and half month! It was really a challenging and a memorable stay.It was mine first cal train experience without having navigator.It was mine first experience of figuring out how to find the way to staying apartment with only from road signals,without having any digital equipments ;) It was mine first experience of vising all the gardens,roads,and nice places to visit by figuring out by my own! And importantly it was mine first experience of such a long stay for an official visit.

Next next was buying a land from my own! This was a dream in my mind for a quite a long time,but couldn't able to achieve it.Finally I was lucky enough to fulfill my dream.Now my parents already started planting in that land  with many many fruits,vegetables :)and with the start of this December,we already have got the first set of vegetables and fruits for our meal from which we planted there :) 

 And  for the second time,I was there in USA for five weeks in last October and was able to discover SF state more.The interesting part of this stay is could able to join a cruise in Bay Area and watch Golden Gate Bridge from sea.And additionally,was got the chance to walk in Golden Gate Bridge,watched the movie Gravity and able to meet few new friends.

The most important lession I learnt in 2013 was how to survive by my own foot! And I believe I could manage it.
Thanks a lot everyone who encourage me and helped me from various ways. 
Good Bye 2013 which had so much joyful and challenging memories! And warmly welcome 2014!

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