Thursday, June 6, 2013

Message Format Transformation from SOAP to POX

When WSO2 ESB used to process and forward some messages to a back-end endpoint,there will be chances,that back-end endpoint is expecting a XML message without a SOAP request.But at default,the messages which are pass through WSO2 ESB will be in SOAP format.
For example,say from WSO2 ESB ,we are passing messages to a queue/topic inside a JMS broker as ActiveMQ/JBoss. And the further processing on this queue by the backend will be expecting a XML message to be enqueue to the queue,instead a SOAP envelope.
Thus before send the message to JMS endpoint from WSO2 ESB,we need to convert the message format from SOAP to XML.
This can be done through modifying the WSO2 ESB endpoint element.
Add the attribute 'format=pox' to element of the configuration in the related WSO2 ESB proxy/sequence configuration as shown in below.

<endpoint name="jms-service-epr"><address format="pox"
uri="jms:/SimpleStockQuoteService?transport.jms.ConnectionFactoryJNDIName=QueueConnectionFactory&                 java.naming.factory.initial=org.apache.activemq.jndi.ActiveMQInitialContextFactory&java.naming.provider.url=tcp://localhost:61616" /

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