Sunday, March 31, 2013

Consume WSO2 admin services via Javascript [Server-side]

Each WSO2 product [eg: WSO2 ESB,GReg] provides specific and different functionalities which can be consume via product UI-admin console. But there are cases,where users want to use those functionalities,not from UI, but from their custom client implementations.That's where the importance of Carbon Admin Services come into the picture. 

WSO2  Admin Services can be considered as SOAP web service endpoints which provide wso2 product specific functionalities.The admin services are not visible via the Carbon management console. 
You can access the service description of the admin services[WSDL] if you know the admin service. 
Before accessing the wsdl of a particular admin service,you need to enable the property <HideAdminServiceWSDLs> of carbon.xml as 'false'.
You can find the admin services expose by a WSO2 product,by following below two steps.
  1. Run the server in OSGI mode ./ -DosgiConsole
  2. Once the server starts,type the command 'listAdminServices'

Once you change above carbon.xml property and found the required admin service name,then try accessing below URL assuming that the  https port of running server is 9443.


There are different ways of consuming above admin service.
  1. Via a SOAP web service client tool like Soap-UI as described in here
  2. Via a java client program as described in here
  3. Via a javascript program with Jaggery [New]
From this blog-post,I'll explain how to invoke an admin service from Jaggery.There are two inbuilt mechanisms to achieve my objective from jaggery by using WSRequest or WSStub options.
Below example code shows how to consume an admin service from jaggery,by using WSRequest module.You can download the sample code from here.You can try directly paste the jaggery-code to online try-it tool provided by jaggery web site to try with.[NOTE:Please make sure,your WSO2 product is running while trying from jaggery online try-it]

In this example ;

Admin Service Name- RemoteUserStoreManagerService
Invoked operation -isExistingUser();
Operation Payload- username [The related SOAP payload can be generated with the help of a SOAP client as Soap UI] 

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  1. hi, excuse my english. I am trying make something similar to this post. I was using SOAPUI and not have any problem. I want create a new Tenant in the Identity Server using the service specifically the addTenant function. In SOAPUI need basic authentication. I appreciate your help on this topic.