Saturday, November 3, 2012

Running a SQL script at build time of a maven project

The above requirement was arisen while working on an implementation of a WSO2 carbon platform feature.I'm planning to write another blog post on how I acomplish writing that feature in a seperated blog.Until that from this blog,I'll explain,how I achieve one part of that work-Run a database sql script on a specific database while building a maven project.This was achieved through using the Apache Maven AntRun Plugin.

This plugin could embed to a maven module pom and simply execute it while building the maven project from its pom.What you have to do is add the sql task as the running goal inside the above plugin as shown in below and the full pom.xml can be found from here .If you are going to add this plugin to a pom.xml of a maven project,add it to section of the pom.Note how the jdbc driver,database url,database username/passwords and the database script defined in the plugin.

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