Sunday, July 24, 2011

Love Green...!!!

After staying a week in a dusty brown colored,busy town with full of vehicles noise as in Colombo,what do u prefer in your weekend? Get away from there right?

Yaa,this weekend I was able to go through green colored village and have a wonderful time on there.

Walk through paddy fields,listen to wind.Watch multi-colored birds,Wash hands from water canals.

This facilitates me to come back Colombo on starting of next week with a fresh mind.But what about future?With current human actions,is it guaranteed future kids will get such moments in their lives.I think we have to think this for a while.Money is not all about life.We are part of the nature.We have to protect Nature in sake of survival of ourselves.Hence please don't sell nature for a bundle of money and watch it's end.

The most valuable lession teach by Nature is ''Simplicity".If you obey this lession you will never hurt nature. :):):)

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