Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tribute to my father...

This is an idea came to my mind several times that I should post into blog someday.This is a real story of my father which gave me an important lession -
"Never give up.Try and Try.One day
you'll be success".

So thought of sharing with others too.
Couple of years back,when my father was retired(on Jan 2009) he was so upset about it, with the mind of what else remian to do by him afterwards.So on first two months he spent it with a lazy plan-sleep,eat,a simple walk,read newspapers,so on.
But finally he got a different idea of starting back his hobby of planting.But then the major issue appeared.So is there any enough space remain in our garden,except cutting down current planted trees? No way.Why no way?Yaa there is a one way.Finally he found it.Ya he thought to him self "I must starting planting on the slab".

In our home,up-floor was not yet built.So slab is remaining.But when he told this idea to us,we were wondering how he could manage the task.No soil on the slab,only concrete.When we arose this question,he told 'I'm going to plant in bags.I can manage to carry prepared soil bags from ground to slab,then planting and looking after them'.So that's how the starting of slab plantation began.He planted vegetables as
  • Tomatoes,

  • Ladies Fingers,

  • String Beans,

  • Green Peppers,

  • Bitter Gourds,

  • 'Malu Miris'

  • 'pathola','dabala',someof leaves as mugunuwenna','gotukola','gendha','sarana','nivithi'

  • 'rathu thampala'

and also some of 'kulubadu' as 'kaha'and 'ighuru'.

(sorry I don't no m
eanings for some planted types.So I mentioned their sinhala names).
The important part of the story happened middle of it's going.Though I mentioned it as the important part , to me it's a very sad situation.because my father paralyzed as unexpected and one leg of his was unavailable to move while got a severe difficulty to talk. But even in such a situation he never lose his encourage,with the treatments and excercises he could able to recover and make his leg for some improving status -with able to walk.But it's not means he recovered 100% and doctors advised him to rest.But he was able to manage walking and talking. When he was in hospital,we looked after his plantation,since we knew he was worrying about it.So when he got back to home from hospital we had a doubt of whether he'll continue with his gardening.But you know,story happened in the other way.He again started his hobby.It's really hard and painful to step up to slab from ground with plant bags full of sand.But he never lose his courage.Any how he did it.All the time we couldn't give our support.But he put his effort and somehow manage it with keeping a smile.All the photos included in here express the result of his never loosing courage.
And the current story is,we are so lucky to get home made fresh vegetables,and leaves for our meals.That's because of your courage dear father.I know how hard and painful to do slab plantaion with having a problem in walking.But you succeded.Thank you very much dear father for your life time valuable lession tought us in a silent way.Any thing in our life can be made as our wish ,if we set our mind to 'wisdom'.


  1. so inspiring post Lala.. Send my regards and appreciations to your dad..

    Thank you.
    Kathiravelu Pradeeban.

  2. Dear Lalaji,
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    Keep up the good work.