Monday, November 22, 2010

Learned a Lession

Install Ubuntu in Windows

When I had to install Ubuntu for the first time ,what I did was simply install it inside windows using wuby installer.
For that moment it seemed the easiest way to done so,but later I was realized how much of troubles it gave for me,while using my duel-boot laptop.According to my requirements I required high capacity in Ubuntu to do programming.But when ubuntu installed inside Windows OS in same partition,the amount of usable space for working in ubuntu is highly reduced.So the performance become highly decreased.Sometimes
machine got to stuck.
So by my own experience,I want to say if you are going to install ubuntu for a machine in which Windows already installed and going to start programming on ubuntu,always try to install Ubuntu in another seperate partition.It will take more time and feel much more complex during the installation period.But I'll guarantee it will results high performance to carry on your work on Ubuntu in later time.

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